I went to six flag for my date of birth this year Aug 9th n only obtained to journey 2 rides because it to be so crowded.

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So i beg your pardon days do you all acquire the much less crowd?

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If you deserve to afford it spend the extra money and get the yellow Flash Pass. Fine worth it and cuts the wait time in half.

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Smart point to execute is walk on week days. Walk on weekends to visit locations such as 6 Flags is belt of time. And if you want to go on log Flume and also does not want to wait in line because that a hour come ride for five min. Ride, try going on in ~ the last moment. Like around 7:45 or so!

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It is usually best to walk mid week. I prefer to be there prior to opening therefore you have the right to navigate the protection & entrance lines and be in the park once they open. Go on the the furthest rides native the entrance first, the lines aren't generally as long. There is a large influx of world from 4-6 PM comes from the water park.

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Locals recognize the later the better.i walk 1 or 2 times a week throughout the week in ~ 8pm it rotates close at 10pm and usually gain 5 to 6 rides before they close

I was there this past weekend on a Saturday. The youngsters did most of the rides, I remained in animal section a lot. They said the journey lines were shorter then expected. They fight King-da ka ( i think that's how its spelt) roughly 1pm and they claimed the wait sign stated 90 min, yet they were in line and also on and off well with in an hour. They climate hit the other crazy roller coaster beside it twice due to the fact that there was no line. They then rode Batman (which i think they stated was running some special thing and it to be going \"Backwards\"??) and were maybe to satisfy up with us for having lunch at 3pm. After lunch they ran off and also did much more rides and also we went to the magic show. In ~ 8pm us met up again and I took the tiny kids right into calmer rides, when the older youngsters did 3 an ext roller coasters. They report still short wait times.We all took the sky tram throughout the park and hit the huge wooden coaster. The wait time stated 1 hour, but it to be wrong, possibly 20 mins tops.(Just enough time because that me to use remainder room, to fill up mine cup and look in among the shops, they to be back) over there was some concert walking on in the park that civilization were lined as much as see. Not sure if that impacted wait times due to the fact that people to be in line because that concert and also not rides??