Please be advised the the complying with Billy Joel concerts reserved to take ar at Madison Square Garden have been rescheduled:

Original show DateInitial Rescheduled DateNew Rescheduled Date
Thurs., march 19, 2020Sat., September 26, 2020Fri., November 5, 2021
Fri., April 10, 2020Sun., October 11, 2020Mon., December 20, 2021
Sat., may 2, 2020Fri., November 13, 2020Fri., January 14, 2022
Sat., June 6, 2020Sun., December 20, 2020Sat., February 12, 2022
Thurs., July 23, 2020Wed., January 13, 2021Thurs., in march 24, 2022
Mon., august 3, 2020Wed., February 3, 2021Fri., April 8, 2022

Tickets because that an early Rescheduled day will be valid for the respective new Rescheduled Date and will not need to be exchanged.

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We at Madison Square Garden miss you and also look forward to having actually you back.

We desire you to understand that we space working v government and also public health and wellness officials come ensure we continue to set the sector standard for safe and enjoyable experiences, and unforgettable moments.



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