Because Christianity emphasized congregational worship, a fundamental change in the ___ was needed.

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both Greek and Roman

The mosaic Christ as the Sun exemplifies early Christian artists’ appropriation of ___ iconography.

Romanesque / Gothic

The art and architecture of the high Middle Ages is generally divided into two periods, the __ and the __.


The walled, upward extension of the nave that is pierced with windows is called the


Abbot Suger’s church near Paris, Saint Denis, is the first __ church ever built.

creating figures and settings with an increased naturalism

Duck and Giotto were two artists whose innovations in ___ greatly influenced Renaissance painting styles.


The major axis of a central-plan church, such as the church of San Vitale in Ravenna is


The technique in which colored yarns are sewn to an existing woven background is called

large windows of stained glass

All the following are features of Romanesque architecture EXCEPT


The _________ is the walkway directly in front of a church that serves as the entry porch.

architecture and sculpture

The transition from Romanesque to Gothic style can be seen in the ______ at Chartres Cathedral.


Architects of Romanesque churches began installing _______ around the apse, which allowed the overflow of pilgrims to circulate freely around the interior of the church.


______________ technique was used to complete the Empress Theodora and Retinue in 547 C.E.


The Palace Chapel at Aachen was built for ________ as his personal place of worship.

Abbot Suger’s church near Paris, Saint Denis, is the first ______ church ever built.


They serve as reminders that one is entering a sacred space.

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What purpose do the carved figures serve that adorn the entryways at Chartres Cathedral?

their stained glass windows

Gothic cathedrals are known especially for

Gothic cathedrals.

Soaring open spaces, pointed arches, ribbed vaulting, flying buttresses, and stained glass windows are characteristic of


The cross-shaped floor plan of a church is formed by the combined shapes of the nave and the