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a video game by WayForward Technologies
Genre: Action
Platforms: PC, playstations 2, GBA
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 testimonial
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 22 votes
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Barbie in the 12 to dance Princesses because that the video game Boy advancement is based on the movie of the exact same name. I am not certain what happened around this time, however the Barbie franchise was given the Madden series a run for the money once it came to annual games! These gamings are plainly aimed in ~ kids and to it is in fair some are much far better than you would think but is this among them?

Wait i Am invest In The Story!

As far as the Barbie gamings go, I should say the Barbie in the 12 dancing Princesses has actually the most interesting premise behind it. Barbie is playing the duty of Genevieve that is part of a family that has actually 12 sisters! An angry witch referred to as Rowena concerns the castle and poisons the king and also captures Barbie’s 11 sisters! that is as much as Barbie to conserve them all and also save the day.


The gamings presentation is quite decent, but to it is in fair if you have actually played any kind of Barbie game from this era, you have seen it every as much as the graphics go. They are not bad and also the animation is great enough so i am sure kids will it is in happy with the method the game looks.

Is This Barbie Or Metroid?

While compare a game based upon Barbie to Metroid might sound yes, really weird. The is actually the finest comparison the I deserve to think of for this game. It is a 2D platform-style video game like most of the other games in this series, but there is an ext of focus on expedition with Barbie in the 12 to dance Princesses than the other Barbie games have.

The imperial estate the you have actually to check out is rather large and will take friend a when to get through. This makes this a game much more suited to little Barbie fans who want more of a robust difficulty from a video game.

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I have actually The Power!

Ok so that line is from one more Mattel franchise, however it is actually an extremely fitting for this game. As I said, Barbie (sorry Genevieve) is on a quest to save her 11 sisters. What is cool around this is that as soon as you save one sister, you will find out a new ability the will help you obtain a tiny further. Ns was surprised at the number of different abilities Barbie has actually in this game.

You acquire a butterfly net that deserve to be provided as a weapon, stilts get you previous previously difficult gaps and also you acquire the ability to make stairs out of magic ribbons. This is simply a tiny example that the various abilities girlfriend will obtain which help you come explore more and save your sisters.


As far as the Barbie franchise top top the game Boy development goes ns would need to say the Barbie in the 12 dance Princesses offers an ext than most of the other games. It is no an every time classic or anything prefer that. However, I perform feel it provides a better challenge and also has much more substance 보다 the majority of other games that room in this franchise.



It has a pretty decent storyPlenty of ability to learn as friend play More complicated than most other Barbie gamesThe platforming is solidIt requires some fun exploration


There is a DS version which is an intensified version that thisYounger children might actually find this a tad too hard
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Overall rating: 7.5