Best Ways To Remove Aux Cord Broke Off In Phone

Aux Cord Broke Off In Phone

There are a few options for removing the metal component from the headphone or earbud connector without disassembling your phone. In this article, will recommend you Best Ways To Remove Aux Cord Broke Off In Phone

The disadvantage is that you may forget to be gentle with the poor creature and pull it out without thinking, resulting in the earphone jack becoming stuck inside the socket. This is a problem that will cause you a lot of trouble because your device will most likely detect the earphone as being plugged in and redirect the audio to the speaker.

Aux Cord Broke Off In Phone

Best Ways To Remove Aux Cord Broke Off In Phone

Make use of a Biro

Using the tube within your biro, you may remove the jack that is stuck inside your phone. You may use this to remove the broken jack from the gadget with a little bit of manipulation. The side of the tube that does not have ink on it and is on the opposite side of the nib should be used. When you remove it from the earphone socket, the tube will hold the jack and pull it out with it.

Aux Cord Broke Off In Phone 2

Step-by-step To Remove Aux Cord Broke Off In Phone by Biro

  • Use a Paper-mate or BIC pen to write with.
  • Remove the ink-stained inner piece (ink cartridge).
  • Insert the ink cartridge’s END into the metal jack.
  • Try to get the ink cartridge plastic around the broken jack by pushing it down as far as it will go.
  • Pull up slowly until it’s all the way down, and the broken jack should slide out.

Make use of superglue

One of the things you may have noticed when using superglue is that surfaces do not adhere to each other very well once the glue has been applied. You’ll have to wait till they’re completely dry before sticking them. This is the component that you use to get rid of the jack. Apply super glue to the headphone jack’s remaining end and insert it into the earphone jack. You can pull the jack out after 30 seconds or more of holding it down. Hopefully, it will be joined to the broken component.

Aux Cord Broke Off In Phone 2

Step-by-step To Remove Aux Cord Broke Off In Phone by superglue

  • Apply a drop of superglue to the broken end of your headphones’ headphone wire (not on the broken piece in the phone).
  • Replace the end of the headphone cable in the audio jack of your phone, centered.
  • Keep your breath for 30 seconds.
  • If it attaches to the broken off piece, simply draw the jack out as usual.
  • If you used good superglue and didn’t use too much, the broken headphone jack should fall out.

TIP: If you accidentally overdo it with the superglue inside the phone jack, a q-tip or ear-bud dipped in rubbing alcohol will remove any residue.

Use a bent-pointed thumbtack or a safety point

The earphone jack can be easily removed with a thumbtack. The first thing you should do is use a hammer to knock it into a shape that is simpler to handle. The best way to do it is to beat it into a L shape. Insert the thumbtack into your earphone socket and push and turn it firmly after it reaches the plastic area of the earphone socket. Pull the part out of the socket once you’re sure you have a good grip on it.

Step-by-step To Remove Aux Cord Broke Off In Phone by thumbtack

  • Use a bent-end thumbtack or a safety pin.
  • Insert the thumbtack or safety pin slowly into the broken headphone piece in your phone.
  • Turn and twist the thumbtack or safety pin until the busted piece is grasped.
  • Using the thumbtack or safety pin, carefully pull up and out to remove the fractured piece

Use a toothpick and some hot glue

Aux Cord Broke Off In Phone 4

You’ll need a toothpick made of either wood or plastic for this trick; make sure it’s small and long enough to reach the separated end of your earphone jack. Wait a minute after applying a little amount of hot glue onto your toothpick to cool. After that, you should be able to effortlessly remove the earphone jack from the socket.

Step-by-step To Remove Aux Cord Broke Off In Phone by toothpick and hot glue

  • Use a coffee stir straw or a similar device.
  • Add a small amount of hot glue to the end with a hot glue gun.
  • Using the hot glue, adhere the straw to the shattered piece in the jack and let aside for 30 seconds.
  • Pull the straw out gently and carefully after 30 seconds, and the broken head jack should be removed.

Use heated paperclip

Aux Cord Broke Off In Phone 4

If you can’t get your hands on any glue, you can get the job done with heat. Bend a paperclip out to around 90 degrees to unwind it a little. Hold the opposite end of the paperclip with anything heatproof while heating the paperclip. Straight down the middle, insert this into the socket. After a few minutes of pushing forcefully, you should be able to remove the earphone jack.

Step-by-step To Remove Aux Cord Broke Off In Phone by heated paperclip

  • Using a paperclip, straighten only one end.
  • Wearing gloves, carefully hold a match or lighter under the paperclip’s END until it is hot.
  • Insert the paperclip into the phone jack once it is heated.
  • If the plastic is still linked to the broken jack, this should melt it and bind it to the headphone piece.
  • Remove it cautiously when it has bonded and linked to the fractured portion.


The tool GripStick is meant to remove earphone jacks from phones and is the result of a Kickstarter campaign. is where you may acquire this tool. It’ll set you back $24.95. When compared to what professionals charge, the pricing is far lower.

Aux Cord Broke Off In Phone 6

It’s Time to Replace Your Headphones With Bluetooth Headphones

Don’t get too worked up if you can’t get the broken earphone plug out of your gadget. It’s conceivable that the volume on your smartphone still works, so check. Play some music; if the device’s speaker still works, you can move on to a different option.

Is there no sound? This is due to the fact that the broken plug informs your device that it is connected in. Your phone or tablet is transferring audio to your earbuds as far as it is concerned. Until you can dislodge the offending object, you’ll be left in silence (which is inconvenient for phone calls).

Switching to Bluetooth is the best method to avoid broken earphone connectors in the future. It may be unpleasant and need you to reconsider your audio alternatives, but it is the best approach to avoid broken earphone connectors in the future.

While one of the solutions listed above may work, purchasing Bluetooth earphones is the best option. Do you require assistance? Check out our shopping guide for Bluetooth earphones.

Earphones that are less expensive are more likely to break.

Cheaper earbuds, in my experience, are more likely to have poorly manufactured plugs. This is a two-fold risk: the plug may break, but the socket may be damaged as well. This can happen in everyday use if the connector is poorly made; the result is almost always annoyance and disappointment.

Is your headphone jack working properly, yet your iPhone remains in headphone mode? Check out our comprehensive troubleshooting guide. If your phone has been damaged in any other manner, see how to recover data from a cracked screen.

Perhaps you already know how to remove a broken headphone plug from the audio jack. hopes you appropriately remove your headphone cable. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

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