Asia find out about Kenya and also Lewis"s night in the boom Boom Room, Brett erupts as soon as he watch Cali talk to Zak, and the first pair heads into the fact Booth.

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The singles are surprised as soon as several exes arrive throughout an overnight connection rehab, and also some explore other options as emotions run high.

Kwasi beginning drama as soon as he speak Kenya about Tevin and also Jasmine, Bria confronts Morgan about her relationship with Zak, and also the women decide come shake up your strategy.

Cam beginning to concern his connection with Kayla, Daniel pushes Samantha away with his games, and also Zak"s love triangle through Bria and also Morgan gets even messier.

Asia erupts on Nutsa for what she deems shady behavior, Zak go on damages control, and also Cali pushes away Cam so she can explore her connection with Tomas.

Cam defends Kayla, Nutsa and also Brett proceed to flirt, Moe tries to thedailysplash.tve out of his shell, Lewis tells Asia just how he yes, really feels, and also a group day shakes increase the house.
The singles thedailysplash.tvpete in a difficulty that tests your thedailysplash.tvmunication skills, Kari and Danny shot to decode the matches, and also the residence creates a strategy because that the Matchup Ceremony.
With five strategically shown Perfect Matches and also devastating news for one pair, the singles thedailysplash.tvpete in a difficulty to watch which that the "stragglers" are perfectly aligned.
With six singles left and also $750,000 on the line, the housemates must find each other"s love languages and also figure out the final three couples prior to their critical Matchup Ceremony.
With only two Matchup Ceremonies left, the housemates crumble under the pressure and open approximately one one more during an emotional discussion.
One last fact Booth provides some answers, Asia attempts come sabotage a relationship, and also the housemates challenge one final Matchup Ceremony because that their opportunity to success $1 million.
The cast reunites to pour out insider information on their many explosive moments, the romances that never aired and also what’s unable to do down since leaving the house.
Sparks fly and jealousy ignites as soon as 16 sexually fluid singles in search of their perfect match head come Hawaii for their opportunity to find love and win $1 million.
This season on room You the One?, everyone in the house is sexually fluid, and any of the singles could make a match.
After Kai and also Jenna bond end their mutual interest in introspection, Kai opens up around his transition, and also things warmth up in between the two of them.
The actors of The Hills it s okay a new start once The Hills: brand-new Beginnings premieres ~ above June 25 ~ above AU and NZ.

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It"s a search to build an empire in Mykonos, Greece, and only the finest of the finest will do as soon as Lindsay Lohan"s Beach society premieres January 9 at 12pm - exact same time together the US and also only on!