Today I carry some standard content for all the anime fans out there. As we all know Kimono is maybe the the majority of typical cloths of Japan.This attire is very elegant as well as full of simplicity. But you understand what’s make it even more interesting acomponent from every little thing.The Anime personalities that wear all kind of Kimono which suits their personality and you understand a character or two that is established for their traditional Japanese Kimono. And that’s not also limited to female characters. So, I all set a list of 11 anime girl in kimono, and this list I desire to share the absolute rock in kimono. Without further aperform, gain the list!

11. Nozomi Toujou From Love Live! School Idol Project – 139 Votes


Nozomi Tojo is among the main personalities in Love Live! She is a third-year student at Otonokizaka High School. She is a member of lily-white, a sub-unit under μ’s.She appears pretty wise, a mature girl with her kimono-style dress make her gloomier and even more refremelted in the series with her perfect fit to the character.

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10. Yuuko Ichihara From xxxHOLiC – 147 Votes


With her timeless appearance in the series dressing up in a kimono sparkle my eyes. Almany eincredibly time she shows up in her straightforward and also consistent dressing however feels prefer a different perkid eincredibly time.And physically her standard dress is a part of her character approached a various vibe through nice contracts.

9. Isumi Saginomiya From Hayate no Gotoku! – 158 Votes


Isumi is shown to be wearing a pink kimono. In the manga, Isumi was wearing a fldental kimono.She is rich but she is soft-spoken, kind, and also extremely good at food preparation.Her wearing style of kimono with different color and also different design renders her look cute and also She regularly puts her kimono sleeve (hand) up in front of her mouth.

8. Tsukihi Araragi From Monogatari Series – 179 Votes


Youngest Araragi family’s Fire Sisters. She doesn’t have actually any kind of factor behind wearing kimono. She wears kimono of eexceptionally style, no matter what the seakid.Regardless of whether it is her lighter and even more restricted yukata for summer or a more standard one for the chillier months.You deserve to be particular that she would rather often wear a splendidly hued kimono befitting of her actual character throughout her appearances.

7. Sae Kobayakawa From The Cinderella Girls – 213 Votes

6. Umi Sonoda From Love Live! School Idol Project – 220 Votes
She is additionally among the major personalities of Love Live. Student of Otonokizaka High School. She is the leader of lily-white, a sub-unit under µ’s. She is vice president of the institution.Her high quality renders her stand out in a different way from others via her appearance of a correct conventional Japanese lady with her conventional style of wearing kimono.She is exceptionally disciplined, very intelligent yet shy and also lazy too.

5. Ai Enma From Hell Girl – 251 Votes

Enma our major character of the Hell Girl. She prefers to wear simple apparel yet while percreating she constantly pdescribes wear kimono.And in eextremely seachild her kimono transforms but not her appearance. In seakid 1, it was a black kimono with big flower patterns.In seaboy 2, the kimono has actually flowery petals covering a lot of of it.In seakid 3, it carries photos of fans and also toy air balloons, the patterns of which show up to be relocating.In seakid 4, it is babsence yet mainly spanned via flowers, butterflies, strings, and roses, it’s obi’s shade is gold and also is decorated through flowers. 

4. Dia Kurosawa From Love Live! Sunshine!! – 326 Votes

One even more primary character of Love live is a member of AZALEA, a sub-unit under Aqours.She is president of the institution council and also shares a strong bond via her sister.Wearing various forms and styles of kimono is her hobby that provides her look different. She is mature, polite, and also stop formal Japanese via anyone.

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3. Sakura Shinguji From Sakura Wars – 357 Votes

Sakura is a video clip game character From sakura battles and also fans voted her with 357 votes for this list.Sakura’s iconic hakama-form kimono and also her pink koubu’s Eastern style swordplay, has actually end up being one of the symbols of 90’s era anime.

2. Chiya Ujimatsu From Is the Order a Rabbit? – 405 Votes