The relations are stated in between the bag of sets. Discover to state, giving reasons whether the following sets are equivalent or equal, disjoint or overlapping.

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Equal Set:

Two to adjust A and also B are claimed to be equal if every the facets of set A are in set B and vice versa. The symbol to signify an equal collection is =.A = B method set A is same to collection B and collection B is equal to set A. For example;

A = 2, 3, 5 B = 5, 2, 3Here, set A and set B room equal sets.

Equivalent Set:

Two to adjust A and also B are claimed to be indistinguishable sets if lock contain the same number of elements. The symbol to represent equivalent set is ↔.A ↔ way set A and set B save on computer the same variety of elements. Because that example;

A = p, q, r B = 2, 3, 4 Here, us observe that both the sets contain three elements. Notes:

Equal to adjust are always equivalent. Equivalent sets might not be equal.

Disjoint Sets:

Two sets A and also B are stated to be disjoint, if they carry out not have any type of element in common. For example;

A = x : x is a element number B = x : x is a composite number. Clearly, A and B carry out not have any element in common and are disjoint sets.

Overlapping sets:

2 sets A and also B are stated to be overlapping if castle contain at the very least one aspect in common. For example;

A = a, b, c, d B = a, e, i, o, u • X = {x : x ∈ N, x Y = {x : x ∈ I, -1 Here, the 2 sets save on computer three aspects in common, i.e., (1, 2, 3) The above explanations will assist us to find whether the pairs of sets space equal sets or identical sets, disjoint to adjust or overlapping sets.

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