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Alexander Hamilton (January 11, 1755 or 1757 – July 12, 1804) was a starting father that the united States, chief employee aide to general George Washington, one of the most significant interpreters and also promoters that the U.S. Constitution, the founder the the nation"s jae won system, and the founder the the very first American political party.As Secretary of the Treasury, Hamilton to be the primary author of the financial policies the the George Washington administration, especially the resources of the states" debts by the commonwealth government, the facility of a national bank, a device of tariffs, and also friendly trade relations with Britain. He became the leader the the Federalist Party, produced largely in assistance of his views; he was opposed by the Democratic-Republican Party, led by thomas Jefferson and James Madison.Hamilton offered in the American Revolutionary War. At the begin of the war, he arranged an artillery firm and was preferred as the captain. That later ended up being the senior staff aide and confidant to general George Washington, the American forces" commander-in-chief. In ~ the Siege that Yorktown, Hamilton commanded three light infantry battalions, in the victorious concluding battle of the war.He later served again under the military command that (now President) Washington, in the equipped force i m sorry was elevated to defeat the Whiskey Rebellion, a tax revolt of west farmers in 1794. In 1798-99, Hamilton called for mobilization against France ~ the XYZ Affair and secured an appointment from 2nd President man Adams together commander that a brand-new army, which the readied for war. However, the Quasi-War, while hard-fought at sea, was never officially declared and also did not involve military action. In the end, Adams found a diplomatic equipment which avoided a floor war.Born out of wedlock to a Scottish-French mother and also raised in the West Indies, Hamilton to be orphaned at about age 11. Recognized for his abilities and talent, the was sponsored by world from his neighborhood to go to phibìc America because that his education. The attended King"s university (now Columbia University), in colonial new York. After the war, Hamilton was elected to the conference of the Confederation from new York. He resigned, to exercise law, and founded the financial institution of brand-new York.Hamilton was among those dissatisfied through the short articles of Confederation—the an initial attempt at a national governing document—because it short an executive, courts, and also taxing powers. He led the Annapolis Convention, which effectively influenced congress to issue a speak to for the Philadelphia Convention, in bespeak to create a new constitution. He to be an energetic participant in ~ Philadelphia; and also he helped attain ratification through the thirteen states, by composing 51 of the 85 installments the the Federalist Papers, which supported the brand-new constitution. To this day, the Federalist documents are the solitary most crucial reference for Constitutional interpretation.In the new government under president George Washington, Hamilton was appointed the Secreta