I get an error in an timeline in After Effects CC 2015: "After Effects error: could not allocate sound memory ( 26 :: 392 )" It locks my timeline, and keeps popping up every time I try to preview the timeline.

Windows 7

16GB Ram

nVidia 970GTX


Video file in timeline is a 1920x1080 mp4.

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I have uninstalled and reinstalled After Effects and updated my sound drivers.


Please help!

look at the link I am interested in how this effect is made or what it is called?

Update the After Effects 2014 cc,

The Folder of Changing Language File is Missing.

Named : AMTLanguage

Plz Help Me!!!


I Want to Change the English Verson ( Nowdays are Korean verson )

Sorry For My Ignorance About my english


I am using Adobe After Effects CS6 on my Macbook Pro Retina 15", using Mac OSX Mavericks. My Macbook Pro has 16 GB RAM.

I am having some serious trouble with rather simple tasks, when it comes to the memory allocation.


I have a project file containing quite a bunch of highres TIFF-files. I add these to a composition and wand to sequence them - and After Effects cannot manage this, neither by the built in sequencing function, nor using a JavaScript for sequencing a specified number of frames.


And here"s the... well... "interesting" part...


Adobe After Effects tells me that it cannot allocate 0,002 MB of memory (and the yadayada about that I can decrease the memory requirements or installing more RAM...) - see the enclosed image to see the actual message. Well, I still got a MacBook Pro with 16 GB RAM. I have tried to change the memory settings, cache settings etc etc etc... I have also tried resetting all the memory/cache settings etc. But nothing works (the alternative is probably for me to manually enter each and every single layer and sequence them on my own... did I mention that its about 5 000 images?).

See more: The More Massive A White Dwarf, The ________., Ast 1002 Ch


According to my memory information, there are quite a big amount of memory being used, absolutely - but it still say that I have at least 2 GB memory free when I started the activity of sequencing these layers.


See the image below. Someone, please help... I dont want to spend a couple of days sorting 5 000 layers!


Thanks in advance!







I did some restarts and changes in my system to free some more memory. When I started AE my computer used about 4 GB, and when I started the sequencing it used about 6 GB (see the image below)... which means that I should have about at least 10 more GB of memory to use, but AE still warns me about that it can not render due to a lack of memory.


I did succeed with the sequencing ONCE, however I did get the message shown above (about that After Effects are unable to allocate 0,002 MB of memory) when I was going to save the file. And it is impossible to get rid of this message as it pops up over and over and over again.


Here"s the message again, together with the memory overview. It"s in Swedish though, but as you see (the number after "Använt minne") it is only using about 6 GB RAM of 16 GB in total.