Match every from of spiritual organization to it characteristics relationship to the state. Only once selection is provided for every form.A. DenominationB. EcclesiaC. Brand-new religious movementD. Sect1. Tolerated2. Closely aligned3. Ignored or challenged4. Not encouraged
-exploring the social features of the religion-exploring the norms and values of a group by explaining your beliefs
Religious company that claims to incorporate most or every one of the members that a culture and is known as the national or main religion.

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-counselors who encourage girl to seek "women"s jobs"-unequal capital of men"s and also women"s athletics-the perpetuation of an adverse stereotypes that women
March each of the following religions that India through distinctive characteristics.A. HinduismB. IslamC. Buddhism1. Recognizes a number of gods, such together Shiva and also Vishnu, and also has a belief in reincarnation2. Considers Mohammad as a prophet and was presented to India in 1000.3. Founded on the teachings of Siddhartha.
The formal process in i m sorry is the explicit score in i beg your pardon a clear difference is made in between those who teach and those who learn is called
Which that the complying with groups would problem theorists argue is no a victim of education inequality?
-They exhibit a high level of religious fervor and also loyalty.-They are often at odds through society-They do not look for to become and established national religion.
When a member that a congregation dies, other members administer comfort to the family and may check out the death as being "God"s Will." This is an example of
Research done by labeling theorists seems to present that teachers treat college student in details ways and those student respond by______.
Four categories of subcultures that researchers generally find on college campuses encompass which that the following?
Historically, schools in the joined States have sought come sustain amongst immigrant kids the values and also beliefs that their particular families.
Answers:- offer as disciplinarian- by personally responsible for their actions- monitor the rule of the school
- division of labor- hierarchy of authority- employment based upon technical qualification- written rules and regulations- impersonality
Conflict thinkers argue that institutions sort students mainly according come which of the complying with criteria?
- They respect the divine power worshiped through believers.- They remind members that a belief of their religious duties and responsibilities.

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- Readying low-income young kids for school- Sex education- Affirmative action admission policies
Schools teach students various an abilities and values favor punctuality, discipline, and also responsible work actions essential to their future through the exercise of
requiring every students to usage English as their main language in school has which the the following effects?
- promote the social integration of students with varied racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.- Encourage students to create a usual identity.