A(n) ____ might be written by a programmer or it might be created through a DBMS utility program.

Application program

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____ is a set of tools that work together to provide an advanced data analysis environment for retrieving, processing, and modeling data from the data warehouse.

Online analytical processing

The organization of the data within the folders in a manual file system was determined by ____.

its expected use

The phrase ____ refers to an organization of components that define and regulate the collection, storage, management and use of data within a database environment.

database system

____ relates to the activities that make the database perform more efficiently in terms of storage and access speed.

performance tuning

A verb associating two nouns in a business rule translates to a(n) ____ in the data model.


In the ____ model, each parent can have many children, but each child has only one parent.


In the ____ model, the user perceives the database as a collection of records in 1:M relationships, where each record can have more than one parent.


A(n) ____ enables a database administrator to define schema components.

data definition language (DDL)

A(n) ____ model represents a global view of the database as viewed by the entire organization.


The relational model's creator, E. F. Codd, used the term relation as a synonym for ____.


In the relational model, ____ are important because they are used to ensure that each row in a table is uniquely identifiable.


In the context of a database table, the statement "A ____ B" indicates that if you know the value of attribute A, you can look up the value of attribute B.


The attribute B is ____ the attribute A if each value in column A determines one and only one value in column B.

functionally dependent on

A ____ key can be described as a superkey without unnecessary attributes, that is, a minimal superkey.


A CUSTOMER table's primary key is CUS_CODE. The CUSTOMER primary key column has no null entries, and all entries are unique. This is an example of ____ integrity.


To be considered minimally relational, the DBMS must support the key relational operators ____, PROJECT, and JOIN.


____, also known as RESTRICT, yields values for all rows found in a table that satisfy a given condition.


In an outer join, the matched pairs would be retained and any unmatched values in the other table would be left ____.


A ____ contains at least all of the attribute names and characteristics for each table in the system.

data dictionary

The ____ is actually a system-created database whose tables store the user/designer-created database characteristics and contents.

system catalog

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In a database context, the word ____ indicates the use of the same attribute name to label different attributes.


In a database context, a(n) ____ indicates the use of different names to describe the same attribute.