In Japan, ceramic tea bowls were appreciated not just for their color, shape, and pleasing irregular surface, but as part of the experience of sipping tea.

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The ancient Egyptian artist who painted The Journey of the Sun God Re (0.0.1) on a coffin chose his subject because ________.
Niagara Falls was a popular subject for North American artists in the second half of the nineteenth century, because it symbolized:
David Hockney emphasized the figure of Peter Schlesinger in his artwork Portrait of an Artist (Pool with two figures), using:
James McNeil Whistler, painter of Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket, believed that art had intrinsic value regardless of its message or subject matter.
The original painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe is housed in a basilica at the base of Tepeyac hill, Mexico, but many people keep their own image of her at home or in their vehicle.
When conducting a formal analysis of a work of art, you would probably want to consider the artist’s use of:
The work now known as the Watts Towers was in fact given a different title by its creator. That title was ________.
The critic John Ruskin popularized James McNeil Whistler’s painting Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket by writing several positive reviews of the painting in London papers.

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Artist Ai Weiwei was arrested by Chinese government officials in 2011, just three years after he had been involved in designing the stadium for the Beijing Olympics.

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