why is my washing machine not getting hot water
Some machines just have hot water on the inside, while others have insulating covers that may keep the heat inside from being felt. In other cases, a user may use too little water, preventing it from reaching the glass door, where it can be seen and felt by touch....
why is my frigidaire refrigerator freezing everything

Why Is My Frigidaire Refrigerator Freezing Everything?

Your Frigidaire refrigerator is freezing food, and you've probably puzzled a lot about why this is happening to you. We understand how inconvenient this...
Washing Machine Won't Hold Water

Why Washing Machine Won’t Hold Water? How To Fix

A washing machine that refuses to stop filling can be a major pain. Not only is there the risk of flooding, but there is...
Why Is My Remote Not Working

Why Is My Remote Not Working – Common Reasons and How To Fix

This article from will focus on common remedies for any manufacturer-supplied remote control (for a TV, A/V receiver, cable box, Blu-ray or DVD...
sewer smell from bathtub

7+ Best Guide To Sewer Smell From Bathtub

To keep their bathrooms smelling fresh, most people use air fresheners. To ensure that there is a pleasant odor, candles or fragrances are occasionally...
How To Paint a Metal Door That Is Peeling

How To Paint a Metal Door That Is Peeling?

Have you tried to refurbish an old steel door on a shed or a garden gate that is no longer maintaining its coat of...
Garbage Disposal Won't Turn On

What Should I Do When Glass In Garbage Disposal Won’t Turn On

If the Glass In Garbage Disposal Won't Turn On and you do not hear the motor buzzing, there is an electrical problem preventing the...
Why Does My Dryer Squeak

Why Does My Dryer Squeak? How to Fix a Squeaky Clothes Dryer

Because a dryer is such a useful household appliance, when it breaks down, laundry accumulates up. The dryer features a rotating metal or plastic...

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